Why DataVita?

DataVita was born out of a desire to do things better. 

Backed by over 30 years of commercial, technical and operational experience at the board level, we have seen our fair share of things done badly and quite a few done well. We set out to combine this experience with a desire to do things differently, to do things right, the first time.

Our core values are:

  • Innovation – comes from our desire to do things better
  • Quality – transforms our ideas into products
  • Agility – is what we deliver to our customers

Every product we bring to market is built on a set of guiding principles:

  • Simplicity is key
  • Clear deliverables
  • Design with an equal focus on quality and price to deliver best value
  • Listen to our customers
  • Every product is accessible, manageable and reportable from out portal

A key differentiator is our end-to-end ownership and delivery model. Having designed the datacentre facility from the ground up and the services delivered from it, we can. It gives us a unique level of control that has allowed us to design, build and construct Scotland’s largest, energy efficient co-location datacentre.

With one of the lowest operational, annualised PUE figures of any co-location datacentre in the UK, the Fortis Datacentre has put Scotland on the global datacentre map. Combine this with its unique “podular” design, capability for high-density racks – all driven by renewable energy – and you have a datacentre that can deliver three key objectives to our customers:

  • We will reduce the cost of your datacentre
  • We will deliver a 100% uptime SLA
  • We will reduce your datacentre’s carbon emissions by over 90%

In addition we offer a range of innovative, high quality and agile cloud services and an eco-system of partners who can help with planning, design, migration, re-location and consolidation. Everything you need to transform your datacentre in one place.