DataVita has created a “cloud enabled” datacentre. What does this really mean?

The answer is simple – our Customer Portal runs in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere on any device, and it allows you to manage and report on your entire datacentre, from the power feed through to your applications (if you want to) from a single console. Add to that access to your orders, contracts, documents, our service desk, reporting and billing and you have the “cloud enabled” datacentre.

Here are the key things you get free when you take any DataVita product:

Service Summary Dashboard showing

  • Live orders
  • SLA performance
  • Current alerts
  • Latest billing
  • Current support incidents/changes

Order management

  • Review and accept quotes
  • Review orders placed and track the status

Self service

  • Review/manage your service catalogue
  • Place new service requests for provisioning by DataVita of physical assets
  • Online provisioning and orchestration of cloud services
  • Management of physical and virtual assets including –
    • Power
    • Physical devices (servers, storage, switches, firewalls)
    • Virtual assets (servers, storage, switches, firewalls)
    • Capacity planning


  • Create/track incidents/problems
  • Create/track change requests
  • Access the support desk (phone, email, social media, video)


  • Review/manage current invoices
  • Review historical invoices
  • Reporting on invoices


  • Access/update service documentation
  • Access knowledge base documents and DataVita product documentation


  • Configure/manage your alerts for (options) –
    • Power
    • Environment
    • Physical assets
    • Virtual assets
    • Auto discover new assets

Reports for

  • Order status/history
  • Service catalogue status
  • Power usage & PUE
  • Physical assets
  • Virtual assets
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Support incidents/problems/changes
  • SLA performance

Asset management with 3D visualisation

  • CMDB of all assets tagged and entered
  • 3D visualisation of individual cabinets, multiple cabinets, pods or all your cabinets
  • Asset management
  • “What if?” visual capacity planning
  • Auto discovery of new assets


All of this functionality is available via out secure HTML5 web interface and iOS/Android apps available on your tablet or smartphone.

In addition to all of this, the portal is securely multi-tenanted and role based to allow you to create and brand it as your organisations portal and create roles within your organisation with different access permissions.