Not all co-location products are the same.

DataVita has taken a fresh look at this and come up with something which we think is more aligned to what our customers need.

We have built our co-location products to reflect our core values:

  • Innovation 
  • Quality 
  • Agility

Everyone wants to do more with less these days and we are no different. That’s why we built a datacentre that can do more with less power and space than anyone else and we run it on 100% renewable power. What does that mean to you?

The answer – less money spent on your datacentre and virtually no carbon emissions out. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

How do we do this? Have a look at the specification of the Fortis Datacentre first then come back here…

How do we prove this? We have developed a Datacentre Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) service that follows three simple steps:

  • Data collection
  • Workshop
  • Report

At DataVita we believe in keeping things simple. That’s why our standard co-location product includes a lot of things that other providers charge you extra for. Here’s a list of things included in our standard co-location product with every cabinet you buy:

  • 47u (all of which you can use)
  • Individual keyless lock
  • Tool free configuration
  • Secure side panels to prevent access to other cabinets (unless we authorise opening the cabling access port)
  • Up to 1,500kg of equipment
  • Dual power feed
  • Dual slim line integrated PDUs
  • Cold aisle containment with key card access control for each pod
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Access to our Customer Portal
  • 24×7 onsite support
  • 100% uptime SLA

If the above is not enough for you then you can choose from the options list:

  • Power – you can have as little 1kW or as much as 30kW in a single cabinet
  • Locks – if you want to make life even simpler then we can give you a key card that will unlock both the pod and all your cabinets
  • CCTV – we have CCTV throughout our facility including in every secure pod but if you want to go further then we can put CCTV inside your cabinet
  • Secure cage – if you don’t want to take an entire 56 rack pod, but you want another layer of security between the pod door and the cabinet then we can add a cage around your racks with perimeter access control

Add into the mix a range of innovative, high quality and agile cloud services and an eco-system of partners who can help with every from planning, design, migration, re-location, consolidation and transformation and you have every you need to transform your datacentre in one place.